Avid's intelligent shared storage evolves with Avid NEXIS

At the NAB show back in April, Avid (www.avid.com) introduced the next generation of its intelligent shared storage. Avid NEXIS represents an evolution in the company’s offerings, which date back to the mid-90s with its Unity MediaNetwork, and more recently with its Avid  ISIS line of ‘infinitely scalable intelligent storage’ solutions.
In just six months, Avid NEXIS has gained strong traction in the post production market, with sales to stop-motion animation studio Laika (The Boxtrolls, Kubo and the Two Strings) in Hillsboro, OR, and to creative post house Gorilla Post in Dublin, Ireland, among numerous others. Avid NEXIS is designed to work with all of today’s leading nonlinear editing applications, including Adobe Premiere, Apple Final Cut Pro X and Grass Valley Edius. And for those using Avid’s own Media Composer NLE, Avid NEXIS offers the strongest compatibility in the industry.
Post recently caught up with Avid Senior Principal Product Designer | Broadcast Storage & Editor Bob Russo, who lead the team that developed Avid NEXIS. Here, he explains the benefits of scalable, intelligent, shared storage and how Avid NEXIS’s ease of use allows it to easily integrate into post boutiques and much larger enterprise operations.
Post: While shared storage is not new, the ‘intelligent’ feature is something pros might not be familiar with?
Russo: “Yes, the classic education environment is a good example. You give every student a 1TB drive and you have one student that’s just sliding through, not really working very hard, and he uses 200GBs out of that drive. But then you have another student who is really motivated, and 1TB isn’t nearly enough. You purchased all of the storage but a lot of it is stuck on partially filled drives and you can’t get access to that storage.
“But with Avid NEXIS, you have a common pool of storage. It’s available to be allocated to those that need it. And when we create these volumes, they can be dynamically resized at will, as many times as you want. Other shared storage might allow for resizing, but often there’s a hit in performance when it is being resized, because under the hood they are doing a defrag. If you count the terabytes and get a number of high-quality, local, standalone drives, the pricing is probably pretty comparable, but now you have the flexibility.”
Post: Avid seems to really be touting the ease of use in setting up and maintaining Avid NEXIS?
Russo: “Absolutely…and this is something I feel very passionate about. I’m trying really hard to make Avid NEXIS as simple to set up as possible. Before we have a release, we do installation and usability testing with people not previously trained on Avid NEXIS. We see where they stumble and its very valuable. We’ve used this testing and input from the thousands of customers to simplify and enhance the user experience. Avid NEXIS | PRO brings Avid’s collaborative storage to the smallest teams, who don’t have IT support or system administrator experience. Using Avid NEXIS, they don’t need specific expertise or an IT department. We have a simple click through installation wizard that prompts the user for the few required inputs to integrate to their site. We also have simple to use browser based graphical admin screens to create users, assign permissions, create and re-size workspaces.” Continue reading….

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