Terence Curren’s Thoughts on DNxIO: Avid DNxIO Review

Terence Curren’s Thoughts on DNxIO: Avid DNxIO Review

13256412_f520HubPages by Terence Curren

Overall we have found Avid DNxIO can solve a lot of the issues in a multi-platform, multi-NLE, multi-resolution future that we are heading towards.

When Alpha Dogs started back in 2002, our business was 100 percent Avid. I could see where the future was going with Final Cut Pro, so unlike most of the post houses in Los Angeles, we worked hard to specialize in finishing projects created in Final Cut Pro. By 2010 over 75 percent of our finishing business was on projects offlined in Final Cut Pro. Then Apple made a business decision that many felt signified their leaving the high-end post market behind with the release of FCPX in 2011. This gave a reprieve to a market share losing Avid, and opened a door that both Adobe and now Blackmagic have heartily stepped through.

We do what we do because we enjoy being a part of our client’s storytelling media creation. That means we tend to not play platform favorites which allows us to work as efficiently as possible with projects coming from a variety of nonlinear editors. However this presents real challenges in building out a facility and keeping it technically current. It also presents a challenge for artists who need to be masters of their software when there are too many options to truly master them all.

We have to be able handle whatever a client brings us in the way of project file, media type and actual delivery specifications. Fortunately, one company seems to be stepping up to the plate for us, and that is Blackmagic with their Resolve color correction (and now editing) package. While it isn’t as fully developed an editor as Media Composer or Premiere, it now has enough tools to allow all the finishing work on a project to be done in one place. read more…


For more information about Avid DNxIO, please contact a Piston Media Group representative (888) 829-7320 or email us at info@pistonmediagroup.com

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