House of Worship Media Solutions

pic 49At Piston Media Group, we understand the importance of reach when conveying your message. Fortunately with the advancements in technology, we now have the ability to reach the entire world with just a couple of clicks and a camera. Whether it be providing Live Streaming and DVD’s of Events and Services, or acquiring or providing content from other parts of the world you may be carrying your message, Piston Media Group takes on and understands the task of keeping up to date with ever changing technology, production & post production needs. Small or large, we can help you deliver your message down the street, or across the globe.

Piston Media Group works with over 100 different product lines and manufactures covering everything from acquisition to delivery. It is our job as solutions architects to stay trained on latest developments and releases, case studies and deployments, and to pic 52continuously look for workflows that are not only efficient, but cost effective at the same time. Piston Media Group works with the manufacture, our engineering team, and you to help build out or improve Onset or Location packages, Editing Systems, Storage and/or Archiving Systems, Asset Management Solution(s), and Streaming Solutions. We can also help with Individual or Facility Workflow Automation Solutions including project management, encoding, transcoding, quality control, and delivery. We provide sales, consulting, installation and training for end to end solutions such as live production, editorial, graphics, visual fx, color correction, finishing / DI, and Online Editorial.

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