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palace-scoreboardjpg-8455bca2f9698926There is no such thing as a normal day in the life of Live Sports Production, every day is different, even if you prepare the same each time. Without fail something unexpected happens from a production standpoint, frankly the very nature of sports is unpredictable, which I guess is why so many people like working in sports. As a live sports producer, what you put on the air is the most important thing that you do.  Being organized and knowing what you want, especially in terms of its popularity, sponsors, and connecting the sport to those around the world.
pic 44Adding viewers is extremely important for any sport. One major role for the media in any sport is to help gain viewers and make the sport more attainable. In the age of technology that we live in, spectators want their information instantaneously. The media allows this to happen with live event coverage, interviews, and websites constantly updating on news, events, and practices. With media coverage gaining so much from broadcasting these events and sponsors gaining so much from the exposure, it’s a give and take relationship with the media and these sports. Coverage doesn’t stop at the event for the fans, just like any other sport. Fans want the inside information, gossip about the athletes, information about rule changes, and constant coverage at a moment’s notice when the events are happening.

As much as the acquisition and media sources are changing, as well as challenging, so are the delivery variables and methods. Broadcast is no longer as easy as it’s name. To stay competitive, you now need to deliver to web, smart and tablet devices, podcast, social media, as well as broadcast radio and television. These media and technology hurdles will continue to grow as new formats continue to grow along with the adoption and growth of new technology.

pic 31.jpgPiston Media Group works with over 100 different product lines and manufactures covering everything from acquisition to delivery. It is our job as solutions architects to stay trained on latest developments and releases, case studies and deployments, and to continuously look for workflows that are not only efficient, but cost effective at the same time. Piston Media Group works with the manufactures, our engineering team, and you to help build out or improve your Newsroom or Editing Systems, Storage and/or Archiving Systems, Asset Management Solution(s), and Streaming Solution(s). We can also help with Individual or Facility Workflow Automation Solutions including project management, encoding, transcoding, quality control, and delivery.

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